3 Tips For The Most Effective Packaging Design And Use For The New Small Business Owner

15 March 2016
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As a new small business owner, you are undoubtedly responsible for making many small decisions on a daily basis that can impact your profits, branding and the future of your company. Unfortunately, it is easy to disregard specific aspects of the packaging designs for your product and by doing so, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to take advantage of additional advertising and branding ideas that could potentially attract new clients in the future. Therefore, in order to maximize the benefits of the packaging that you are already using, it is essential to consider the following possibilities. 

#1-Be Sure That The Packaging Is As Compact As Possible

Although you may be tempted to assume that smaller packaging is primarily a benefit for the customer who will ultimately purchase the items in question, it also will impact in the company in positive ways. Specifically, smaller and lightweight boxes and bags take up less space to be moved and by extension, cost less to transport. By extension, that will obviously save you time and money through reduced transportation costs. Therefore, the customer pays less for the item, the retailer has reduced transportation fees and you, as the manufacturer, reap the benefits of a successful business practice.   

#2-Cater The Packaging To The Product

Besides the packaging issues of size and weight, it is also necessary to consider how challenging or easy it is to distinguish your product from similar items already for sale. Whether you are marketing health and beauty products, food or electronics, skimping on packaging can allow your items to be lumped in with existing products or classified as an off-brand. Younger buyers today are likely to form product loyalty differently than earlier generations, often depending on their friends or associates and the internet for advice on new products. As a result, the first impressions of your products by those buyers may be your only opportunity to gain their loyalty to your items.  

#3-Be Sure To Choose Sustainable Packaging

One of the hot button issues of today is the importance of providing sustainable packaging and one aspect of that is responsible packaging, For instance, making environmentally friendly choices is important to more than half of young shoppers from the millennial generation,  according to a recent document released by Nielsen. 

The millennial generation is typically defined as the group of people who were born between the early 1980's and the early 2000's. As previously mentioned, affordability is an important aspect of the financial decisions they make. However, coupons and sales are not as important to those young shoppers as the value they place on the sale and use of natural products and the way that social values are upheld by the company.   

In conclusion, using the above tips when choosing the packaging design for your merchandise is a valuable marketing and sales technique. By planning ahead and choosing an appropriate design, it is often possible to safely meet the needs and expectations of both new and existing clients for many years in the future. Contact local professionals, such as Arc and Co., for further assistance.